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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Your Fiscal to avoid the fall!

Your Fiscal Cliff
Your Fiscal Cliff

As the President and Congress battle over the current financial crisis, it is definitely time to take stock of "your fiscal cliff".  How do you avoid the "slippery slope" that is being discussed behind the closed doors in our nation's capital?

3 Critical Steps...

What Is Your Credit Score and how can you improve it

  • Check Your Credit Report – Credit score repair begins with your credit report. If you haven't already, request a free copy of your credit report and check it for errors. Your credit report contains the data used to calculate your score and it may contain errors. In particular, check to make sure that there are no late payments incorrectly listed for any of your accounts and that the amounts owed for each of your open accounts is correct. If you find errors on any of your reports, dispute them with the credit bureau and reporting agency.
  • Setup Payment Reminders – Making your credit payments on time is one of the biggest contributing factors to your credit score. Some banks offer payment reminders through their online banking portals that can send you an email or text message reminding you when a payment is due. You could also consider enrolling in automatic payments through your credit card and loan providers to have payments automatically debited from your bank account, but this only makes the minimum payment on your credit cards and does not help instill a sense of money management.
  • Reduce the Amount of Debt You Owe – This is easier said than done, but reducing the amount that you owe is going to be a far more satisfying achievement than improving your credit score and this will help your financial cliff become less steep.  The first thing you need to do is stop using your credit cards. Use your credit report to make a list of all of your accounts and then go online or check recent statements to determine how much you owe on each account and what interest rate they are charging you. Come up with a payment plan that puts most of your available budget for debt payments towards the highest interest cards first, while maintaining minimum payments on your other accounts.

How Are Your Savings Structured?

  • If you are an employee with a regular income, you should have 10% of your annual income in a high interest savings account.
  • If you are self-employed or your income fluctuates (through commissions, for example), you should have 20% of your annual income in savings.
  • If you are retired, you should have 30% of your annual income in savings. (I’m assuming this means retirement income since if you’re retired you don’t have employment income.)
  • If you’re in danger of losing your job, you should have 40% of your annual income in savings.

Set Up Additional Income Sources

Practically everyone using the Internet today knows that the are income opportunities available.  But how do you tap into them when there are already millions of online users?  Here are some simple answers.
1.  Decide what you want.  Over 90% of people who enter into the internet arena fail.  Why?  No focus?  Yes...but mostly...not enough education.  At Bernie in a partnership with MLSP, we train and mentor people at all levels of internet comfort.  Our students work hard and get results!
2.  Affiliate or Other Internet Programs?  OK...stop thinking about the "pyramid scheme" term.  While there are many companies today still using "bait and switch" concepts, the internet has become a marketplace full of quality businesses that offer affiliate programs with great commissions.  Companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook offer great incentive programs to be considered.  Please visit our toolbox of quality products...we don't promote anything we don't use!
3.  Make a commitment.  Whew!  That's a tough word, isn't it.  Most of us have learned that we shouldn't "over-commit" so we just don't commit at all.  Shame!   If you only have 2 hours a week...fine.  Do it!  Most of us who work full time on the internet started with a small commitment and made it work.  You can to.  Pick the right plan and company and work at it.
Because we live in a great opportunity, we shouldn't fear a fiscal cliff.  Step "out" but not "off" and turn your fiscal cliff into a spring board to a secure financial future.

See you at the "bottom".


Bernie Kaufman

Best Affiliate Programs

Interested in finding the best affiliate programs?  We'll show you how!  This is the first in our series of posts that will help our students become successful in marketing on the internet.

Affiliate marketing is hot; here's how to get your program going.

Nearly every retailer in the Internet Retailers' Top 500 has an affiliate marketing program. Now free affiliate networks, automation software, and pay-for-performance compensation models are making it easy for small businesses to take advantage of this marketing tool. In the popular An Hour a Day format, this guide features a detailed, real-world, task-based approach to developing, launching, and managing a successful affiliate marketing program. It explores market research, determining payment models and reporting guidelines, recruiting affiliates, crafting appropriate communications, and much more.
  • Affiliate marketing programs help boost marketing efforts without incurring excessive costs; this Hour a Day guide provides everything merchants, business owners, and those charged with managing an affiliate program need to know
  • Offers a modern, real-world, step-by-step guide to researching, launching, managing, and optimizing a successful affiliate marketing program
  • Covers social media; creating policies; working with feeds, coupons, widgets, and video; creating compelling content; handling partners who are not meeting goals; and much more
Best Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day is the do-it-yourself guide to planning and maintaining a successful affiliate program.

Need reassurance?  Listen to what others are saying...

"If you have any interest in managing a marketing affiliate program this book is a must read! After recommending this book to several peers and buying it for a new hire, I decided it was about time I wrote a review. As an affiliate manager, I reference this book often. There are enough ear marks and highlighted sections for it to be easily mistaken for a college book. There were several sections that were great reviews of existing practices, others that had easy to reference lists and many 'ah ha, why didn't I think of that' items. Geno also has a blog and active twitter account where he readily answers any questions. I have already seen positive results in all my programs as a result of this book. It's a wonderful resource I will continue to count on."  Stephanie Robbins (California)

"I wish someone had given me that advice before I started my program. Geno summarizes his decades of affiliate management experience in an easy to follow guide to affiliate program management. Affiliate Program Management, An Hour A Day walks you through how to setup an affiliate program step-by-step with tactical advice and examples. Want to know how to setup your terms, welcome email, or newsletter? Geno tells you best practices and gives you his favorite examples. But this book is not only a great guide to the best affiliate program management, Geno also shares his marketing knowledge he has picked up over the years like landing page optimization and how to motivate people. Buy the book. It is worth every penny."   Stephen Daimler

At Bernie we have some of the "best affiliate programs" on the market for the internet marketer to use.  Stop by and have a look.

To Your Success,


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Create a Winning Article Marketing Strategy

Article Marketing Strategy - for TOP RANKINGS on the Search Engines

What if all of your articles were shown on the front page of Google, Bing and the other search engines? Would that be a"game changer"?

Here are some important tips...

Writing for distribution in an article directory or on your blog or web site is really the same process. It all begins with a strategy! Using key words and key phrases is essential for each and every article and the experts start by analyzing

Get More Leads...

Get Sales Leads...

No matter what you sell or offer, you have to get sales leads regularly if you are planning to be successful. We've put together the very best techniques and practices we use at Bernie to assist our students and our visitors with this extremely important component of marketing.

Listed here are our 5 Best...

Facebook and Facebook PPC. Regardless of which primary business you've chosen, Facebook is really a marketing must. With close to a billion people, Facebook offers  the best methods for "getting sales leads" and it does not have to be expensive. Start a business or fan page and press to obtain 30 “likes” as rapidly as possible. Facebook will give you important statistics when you achieve this level. Publish relevant content every single day as well as working on your next stage which is focusing on  400 “likes”. With this  number, Facebook with provide affordable promotion for the site as well as your posts. If you have the funds, you are able to offer items or services using Facebook PPC and also the results will amaze you.

YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites. Are you aware that marketing with video and communication is the fastest growing element on the web marketplace today? Prospects remember 20% more once they visit a video than they do from an article. And sites like YouTube are FREE! Get creative but jump on the recording train today. Learn to optimize your video posts to assist with ranking and watch your profits climb.

Solo advertisements. Frequently overlooked but extremely effective, solo advertisements are advertisements, frequently emails, sent with a provider having a large client list marketing your products or services. Most solo ad suppliers can get prospects for his or her clients by supplying an assured quantity of clicks for your splash page or website and charge a fee for any predetermined quantity of clicks. This process isn’t free and can get costly but you will get immediate sales.

Blogging. Your blog post like the one you're reading  can offer lots of valuable information to readers and, if used wisely, can "get sales leads" as effectively as any other method. Articles must bring value to your readers, should be between 400-700 words and should be optimized effectively prior publishing. Learning “on-page” and “off-page” optimization will help your post to rank high in search engines like Google with means more visits to your web page and more sales.

Banner Ad Campaigns. Ad banners could be a great advertising tool when placed correctly on the site or blog. Make certain your advertising is colorful and causes your viewer to want to click on the ad to determine what’s behind. Ad banners could be big or small, could be exchanged or utilized on a variety of public or private sites and frequently provide you with the leaders who're searching for an expert method to expand their business.

While you will find a number of other great tools to get sales leads, we feel it is wise to stick to a couple of at first. Become an expert before moving on to another marketing process. Be laser focused since your prospects are likely to do business with an expert.

I hope you have enjoyed our post and have found these tools helpful as you strive to GET SALES LEADS.   Visit our Facebook page or connect with us on Twitter. And visit our marketplace at Bernie with is filled with great tools that will help you grow your business.  

To Your Success,


Bernie Kaufman

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Top 6 Tips on How to Create Backlinks to Your Website or Blog

When learning to market your network or affiliate marketing business, it is crucial that you know how to "create backlinks to your website" or blog. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 tips to create backlinks that will get your page ranking on the first page of Google and Bing.

How To Create Backlinks To Your Website or Blog site...

Just because you have completed all of the on-page SEO criteria your site won't necessarily rank on the first page of Google. Because of this you need to implement some off-page SEO strategies called backlinking.
While creating backlinks is not that difficult, you need to know some key techniques. You can create them by commenting on blogs and leaving your URL in the comment fields and you may also want to get into forums and post there, where you leave your links in the signature portion. The easiest way on how to create backlinks to your website is to post on social media such as your Facebook page, Twitter or even the Better Networker page!

Create Backlinks to your websiteWhat is a Backlink?

A backlink is like a vote. You post your content through you website or blog and other websites and blogs vote on your post. Like politics, the more votes you get, the more popular you become. And the most popular posts are seen on the first page of Google and Bing.
OK. Let's get to the "meat and potatoes" of this subject. How do you actually create backlinks to your website or blog?

Tips On How To Create Backlinks To Your Website

Tip #1 – Have backlinks from a variety of sources. It is extremely important that you have a lot of different sources where you get your backlinks. This means creating backlinks from videos, audio, pdfs, powerpoint presentations etc. All you need to do is repurpose and repackage your content and post them to all the different areas online and point them back to your website. This will not only allow your article to be noticed by more people, it will also help you to get more visitors and in turn, more leads for your network marketing business. We use a lot of valuable resources here at but two sites where you can immediately get quality backlinks are and  Great stuff!

Tip #2 - Get the free plugin for Firefox that will show you the Page Rank (PR) every time you land on a internet page or site. You'll want to get backlinks from sites that have the highest PR.

Tip #3 - Be a spy and see what your competition is doing. You want to create backlinks to your website so "spy" on your competitors who have the traffic! Learn what sites are getting the most backlinks and create backlinks from those pages too. You can go to Majestic and type in the exact URL of the site you are interested in and you can find out which sites that are providing backlinks to your competition.

Tip #4 - Sites using .edu, .org and .gov are great sources for backlinks. These are priority sites and are given high value by Google and Bing. Let's say that 2 websites have the same PR but one is a .com or .net and the other is a .edu or .gov site, Google will place a higher value for a a backlink from the .edu or .gov site. Lots of value here.

Tip #5 -  Learn how to backlink sites that link to you. This creates a backlink pyramid and will help your primary backlinks become more valuable. This gives you a great tool to get your primary backlinks to rank on Google. A great resource to use is Backlink Energiser where your backlinks get "juice" and become much more interesting to the search engines.

Tip #6 - Get an automated submitter software that can submit to thousands of authority sites with a click of a button. This will save you hours or labor and will get the job done right Our most favorite sites are Magic and Digi Traffic Learning to use these tools correctly will guarantee your space on the first page of all of the top search engines.
Create Backlinks to your website

Still Wondering How To Create BackLinks To Your Website or Blog?

If you found this post useful, please be sure to share it with your friends and on your social media networks. If you are serious about your business, and you want to learn techniques on how to create backlinks to your website or blog, be sure to check out all of our posts on internet marketing or join us at "My Lead System Pro" for your educational needs.

To Your Success

Bernie Kaufman

Create a Winning Article Marketing Strategy

Article Marketing Strategy - for TOP RANKINGS on the Search Engines

What if all of your articles were shown on the front page of Google, Bing and the other search engines?  Would that be a"game changer"?

Here are some important tips...

Writing for distribution in an article directory or on your blog or web site is really the same process.  It all begins with a strategy!  Using key words and key phrases is essential for each and every article and the experts start by analyzing their keywords and formulate their article around the key words and key phrases.  This is the beginning of a winning article marketing strategy.  Understanding how Google searches the millions and millions of blogs, websites and article directory will enable you to produce the right article with the right content at the right time in the right place.

The Construction Zone

Let's suppose that you don't really like to write or perhaps you don't feel you'll be effective in your delivery, you should invest some time reading and studying the high ranking articles on article publication sites such as Ezine or Articles  Look at the common ones.  See how they are produced and constructed and how they drive their traffic toward the resource box at the end of the article.  A very effective article marketing strategy is to use a lot of short paragraphs with everyday, easily readable language.  Complex phrases tend to offend some readers and should be avoided.  Don't confront your visitor with a dissertation or lots of white space.  Short, readable paragraphs will make your visitor feel like your article is quick and easy to read and that you have placed a value on their time.  You should not include links on your site.  Article directory view this as a sales effort and will likely decline your submission.

Use Eye-Catching Headers

Readers don't read most articles word for word.  They look for certain key phrases and expressions that can help them with their problem.  You can utilize smart headers to move you visitors toward the areas of you article that will provide solutions.  Successful titles and proper sizing are vital to your "article marketing strategy".  Make them brief and powerful and your visitor will love you for it

The Meat of Your Article

In the body or your article, you will want to make use of the key phrases in the first sentence and a few times within the core of the text.  I always use them in the final sentence as well.  Because your reader is usually looking for a solution to a problem or difficulty, you must provide them with value and encourage them to read on and ultimately get to the bottom of the page where your resource box is.  The real meat of the article is in your resource box where you will have a bio and a call to action, asking your reader to click a link for more information.  Some article directories allow two links and you should have one pointing directly to your capture page.

Don't forget who your customer is!

You are creating content to appeal to the main search engines but your ultimate customers are people and that's who read your articles.  Write to men or women directly and let them know you understand them and what they need.  Track you content regularly to determine what works and change it out when the interest softens.  Use images when you can to help soften the hard text.  Consider humor when applicable.  People like to smile or even laugh when they read.

"Spin it"

When you have finished your article you can rewrite it or “spin” it and submit it to hundreds of other article marketing directories.  Why?  Google won't index more that one copy of the same article.  We use The Best to spin our articles and you can find them along with other great tools for marketing, back linking an spinning your articles to create a winning article marketing strategy.

Was This Helpful?

If so, you are welcome to share with your friends and colleagues.  Or visit our "Toolbox" at for valuable tools to help you get rolling.

To Your Success,


Bernie Kaufman

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beginner's Guide to Network-Internet Marketing

Thinking of joining a Network Marketing company or starting your own?  Many companies have found this to be an extremely profitable marketing method.  Companies such as Shacklee, GNLD and Amway have been operating this way for more than 50 years.

While many network businesses market themselves as “non-selling” groups, you need to know that selling or “sharing” is essential to a successful career in this type of business.  Fortunately, the Internet can help anyone with a willingness to work hard to be a top earner without strong selling skills.

  • The first and most important step for the beginner is to choose a company that provides top notch training.  This is critical!  And don’t be fooled by thinking that you won’t have to put a great deal of effort into the education side.  While it is possible to position yourself to earn large amount of residual income from your efforts and the efforts of others you sponsor, it will a lot of hard work and will take time.  One of the highest rated Internet marketing education group is MLSP or My Lead System Pro.  Regardless of the network company you choose, you can find the best affordable education here.  We have provided a link to free information here.

  • Second and equally as important is having a constant flow of interested prospects…leads…that you can share your business with every day.  This will become the lifeblood of your business regardless of the company or product you choose.  With an abundance of quality leads, you will be assured of prosperity.  My Lead System Pro is also the industry leader in lead generation programs.  You can click here to familiarize yourself with this very important tool.

There are many products and services available to the new Internet Marketer.  Make sure you choose a company whose products or services you already know and respect or that you would buy yourself. 

Be sure that there aren’t territory restrictions.  The Internet has opened up the world’s population to your product or opportunity so you shouldn’t join a company that limit’s your audience. 

Make it a point to work with a company that will provide a mentor or coach to help you with the training and advice you will surely need.  Regular education sessions and webinars will be invaluable as you move forward.  Mastermind groups can also provide brainstorming and encouragement.  Most companies won’t require you to have experience or qualifications for you to join but the community connection is so important.

There are several types of companies in the marketplace but they really break down into 2.  The first is a product based company where something is sold or purchased and often consumed.  Companies in this category are Amway, Shaklee, Zija and others and will require a small to medium size buy in and many require their distributors to ship or deliver the merchandise.  Make sure you understand this element before joining.  The second type of company is a service company where services such as technology, education, training, etc. are offered.  Companies such as MLSP, Talk Fusion, Empower Network and others provide tools and education.  In this category, the initial investment is small with a monthly fee for continuing updates and information.
Network Marketing requires a lot of energy and patience but the success stories are many and the industry is constantly creating tremendous success stories. 

Let’s sum up the positives and negatives.


Great way to meet and help new people

Tremendous learning opportunity

Little to no start up fees

Flexible hours


It takes a lot of time and effort to be successful

Potential rejection

To Your Success:


About the Author:
Bernie Kaufman is a Master Coach and Trainer with over 35 years of experience in consulting and training individuals and companies.  You can connect with him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Millionaire Marketing Machine-Top 5 Training Tips!

Whether you are already a member of the Millionaire Marketing Machine family or you are considering joining, you want to be sure that you can get the job done properly and not only make back the money you’ve invested, but make a great living and help others to become members as well. 

While this is not a process where you have to build a huge down line before you ever make any money, you have to learn the tools early that are necessary to get the job done. 

First, imagine that you were at the hardware and decided to purchase a new barbecue grill and the salesman indicated that there would be a small amount of assembly required.  But when you got home and opened the box, you learned the grill consisted of over 500 parts and you were going to have to be able to follow instructions if you were to grill those burgers for your guests tomorrow.  Sounds all too familiar doesn't it?  That’s why we want you to be properly prepared for the assembly of the amazing Millionaire Marketing Machine.

Here are 5 critical steps that will assure your success and make your Millionaire Marketing Machine business successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Step 1…

Use Rob Abrams, the founder to do the work for you.  That’s right…let him answer your calls and do the selling for you.  I have found that my students who are struggling with the system want to be in charge.  Big mistake!!!  Rob has created over $250 million in revenues with this system over the past 6 years and he knows what he is doing.  USE HIM!   Watch his short video here to learn more about how he does it.

Step 2…

Use post cards.  Everyone thinks that the Internet is the only way to do business these days but this is only partially true.  Most of your potential clients still go to the mailbox every day and are intrigued by a real opportunity.  And many have the funds to utilize this type of system.  The old saying that “the rich get richer” holds true with MMM.  Don’t miss out on this tried and true system.

Step 3…

If you are going to use the internet, you must learn about attraction marketing.  Each and every one of our students learn to attract the right clients using the attraction marketing principles taught by Mike Dillard, the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring.  The principles taught here are the foundation to any successful  business and critical to long term success with Millionaire Marketing Machine.  We don’t require it but it is a must have.  This is a winner even if you don’t want to join MMM.   You can use our link here for easy access! 

Step 4…

Join a Mastermind Group.   MMM is like so many other businesses that are skyrocketing via the Internet.  And as techniques change rapidly, even the best marketers will get left behind.  With a group of like-minded business owners continually sharing information, trends and techniques you will have a fighting chance to stay viable and profitable.  Our group, (No Downline Formula MMM Mastermind Group), is available to anyone who joins MMM through one of our members and the information we share is amazing!

Step 5…

Learn how to continually generate FREE leads.  This will be the lifeblood of your MMM business and the real secret to every single internet and network marketing business today.  While there are a number of quality companies that will help you generate leads, the “Big Kahuna” of the industry in My Lead System Pro, or MLSP.  MLSP is the industry’s leader in training and education with training modules included from over 100 six and seven figure earners.  The training here will save you years of frustration and lead you to serious success quickly.  You can try if for 2 weeks for 10 bucks.  Simply incredible!  Here is a quick link for your convenience.

If you take each of these steps and take them seriously, I promise you that you will make more money and feel better about yourself that you ever felt possible. 


About the author,
Bernie Kaufman is a master coach and trainer and top earner in the Internet Marketing business.  With over 35 years of hands on business experience, Bernie creates leaders and top earners in the internet industry.  
Connect with us on Facebook:  Click here

Monday, October 8, 2012

Is Millionaire Marketing Machine a scam? IT'S TIME TO WISE UP!!!

You are probably wondering what the buzz is all about concerning Millionaire Marketing Machine (MMM). Is is real or a hoax.  And if you are considering joining the organization...what can you expect to earn or lose?  You deserve to know the facts!!!

First, Millionaire Marketing Machine, MMM for short, was formally known as The Automated Money Machine and was founded in 2008 by Rob Abrams who claims to have generated over $253 million in revenues since it's inception.  $253 million...come on!  Really?'re in the internet business and know that to be successful you must create multiple streams of income...but seriously!  Can you really make six figures with this?'s real and I can prove it to you.  I have attached a link here for a free information webinar where you will learn the EXACT Formula and Steps that I use each week along with my students to make $500 to $6,500 A DAY working from home.

What you will learn is that this does not involve building a down line or selling.  Rob set this up to be "automatic" as the name suggests.  You can see how top earners who know nothing about internet marketing are earning more money than they every thought possible.
Regardless if you go ahead with the ‘Millionaire Marketing Machine System or not, the information provided in this FREE Webinar will provide you with tons of strategies and techniques that will support your success no matter what  product or opportunity you decide to market.  Click here for the free information webinar.

THE ‘Millionaire Marketing Machine  SPECIAL BONUS:

 For the serious network marketer, I will connect you to the #1 Internet education site where you can sign up and take a test drive for the next 2 weeks for 10 bucks! Every one of the Internet's top earners are part of this group.  And for a limited time...until the spaces are full...I will add you to our own exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group where you will be able to get FREE advice and FREE training from 6 and 7 figure earners.  Every day!  Click here for access today!
Your Coach,
Bernie Kaufman

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What YOU need to know about Facebook!

What you need to know about Facebook.

As a network marketer, you have to use Facebook…period! 

Almost everyone knows this.  But how do you get GOOD at it?  How do you get to “socialize” with the big hitters?  Heck!   How do you get anyone to know you and, more importantly, how do you get folks on Facebook to opt in to your offer?  

Is it easy?  That depends on what you know and how well you understand the system.

When I got into the internet arena, I wasn’t a regular Facebook’er and really didn’t even know why people were so taken with this thing called “Social Networking”.  Sound familiar?  And after failing for months, I thought I was on my way out.  Enter Michelle Pescosolido, the Facebook Queen!  I watched every video and attended every webinar she had available and I copied the tricks that she learned and used to create multiple six figure income streams and retired her husband, Bill, from his corporate world.  Amazing lady!!!

I want to share Michelle’s story and tricks with you for FREE!  Today’s Golden Nugget is Michelle’s Facebook secrets that you can access for free.  Learn her secrets.  Copy her tools.  Click here for access!  You can’t afford not to.

Tomorrow I will be giving you a way to gain the secrets that the big guns are using Twitter to create thousands of leads every month.  


Click here for more training tools.

LEAD GENERATION. The Key to every successful Network Marketing Business.

LEAD GENERATION.  The Key to every successful Network Marketing Business.

How much money did you make today?  This question is usually followed by several questions.  How many people did you talk with.  How many leads did you have?  What did you do to get these leads?  

Most of the old timers in the business of network marketing have been around long enough to have equipped themselves with a database of people that they can reach out to regularly to keep their business rolling.  But what can someone new to the industry do?  Answering that question correctly could mean the difference in making money quickly in network marketing or struggling for a long time.  It could be the difference in staying in the network marketing business or simply giving up.

When I first got into the network business I struggled.  I couldn't understand why a guy like me could care so much about others out there and still not "crack the code" to getting people to be interested in me and what I had to offer.  I really wasn't very well trained and I knew it but every time I tried to get the education I needed, I found myself frustrated that I would spend $ and time on programs and training that looked good only to find that I didn't have the "elite" version which would give me the info I needed.  YIKES!  

Friends, I have been there!  I feel your pain.  That's why I am spending time every day to help you find the tools that I have found helpful so you don't have to go through all of the struggles I have had to.  Today's Golden Nugget is a company called My Lead System Pro or MLSP for short.  This is a training organization that has created millionaires in the network marketing industry by simply giving them training that is practically free.  Inside the company are Mastermind groups that help all of the member who want help to get the help they need.  It is literally the most amazing and essential piece of the internet marketing puzzle and a must have for any serious Internet marketer.  For 10 bucks, you can get access to this powerful and amazing tool.  Click here for a brief tutorial from one of the founders.  You won't be sorry!  

Tomorrow we will be learning about Facebook and Facebook PPC.

See you then.  


Monday, October 1, 2012

TICKED OFF at sites promising network marketing help!

Ticked Off at sites promising Network Marketing Help!!! I was hoping to get information that I could use that was going to save me some work.  I admit it.  But for the ump-teenth time, I spent 2 hours today watching a video on SEO only to find out that the author wasn't going to give me any information without me signing up for a $300 program where all of the answers would be revealed.  THAT TICKS ME OFF!!!

Does that sound familiar?  If you are in network marketing or affiliate marketing of any type, you know what I'm talking about, don't you?  You aren't afraid of putting in the work but you just want the facts.  "Just the facts, ma'am"!

SOOOO...what am I going to do about it?  We'll this is my first blog of a daily service to all of my internet marketing friends where I am going to give you something that you can use without going through hours of worthless webinars only to find out that you are really not going to learn anything without a large expenditure of time and a lot of money and then not really knowing whether you are going to get any information that you can use.

This blog will provide daily USEFUL information about all of the tools needed to make your business successful.  We'll discuss Facebook, Google, SEO, Attraction Marketing, Backlinking and a whole host of worthwhile nuggets that will leave you energized rather than frustrated.  I will provide you with links to stuff that is free or darn cheap that will make you money.

Are you with me?  Tomorrow we'll discuss Lead Generation.  How it really works and some tools you can use.