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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Get Sales Leads...

No matter what you sell or offer, you have to get sales leads regularly if you are planning to be successful. We've put together the very best techniques and practices we use at Bernie to assist our students and our visitors with this extremely important component of marketing.

Listed here are our 5 Best...

Facebook and Facebook PPC. Regardless of which primary business you've chosen, Facebook is really a marketing must. With close to a billion people, Facebook offers  the best methods for "getting sales leads" and it does not have to be expensive. Start a business or fan page and press to obtain 30 “likes” as rapidly as possible. Facebook will give you important statistics when you achieve this level. Publish relevant content every single day as well as working on your next stage which is focusing on  400 “likes”. With this  number, Facebook with provide affordable promotion for the site as well as your posts. If you have the funds, you are able to offer items or services using Facebook PPC and also the results will amaze you.

YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites. Are you aware that marketing with video and communication is the fastest growing element on the web marketplace today? Prospects remember 20% more once they visit a video than they do from an article. And sites like YouTube are FREE! Get creative but jump on the recording train today. Learn to optimize your video posts to assist with ranking and watch your profits climb.

Solo advertisements. Frequently overlooked but extremely effective, solo advertisements are advertisements, frequently emails, sent with a provider having a large client list marketing your products or services. Most solo ad suppliers can get prospects for his or her clients by supplying an assured quantity of clicks for your splash page or website and charge a fee for any predetermined quantity of clicks. This process isn’t free and can get costly but you will get immediate sales.

Blogging. Your blog post like the one you're reading  can offer lots of valuable information to readers and, if used wisely, can "get sales leads" as effectively as any other method. Articles must bring value to your readers, should be between 400-700 words and should be optimized effectively prior publishing. Learning “on-page” and “off-page” optimization will help your post to rank high in search engines like Google with means more visits to your web page and more sales.

Banner Ad Campaigns. Ad banners could be a great advertising tool when placed correctly on the site or blog. Make certain your advertising is colorful and causes your viewer to want to click on the ad to determine what’s behind. Ad banners could be big or small, could be exchanged or utilized on a variety of public or private sites and frequently provide you with the leaders who're searching for an expert method to expand their business.

While you will find a number of other great tools to get sales leads, we feel it is wise to stick to a couple of at first. Become an expert before moving on to another marketing process. Be laser focused since your prospects are likely to do business with an expert.

I hope you have enjoyed our post and have found these tools helpful as you strive to GET SALES LEADS.   Visit our Facebook page or connect with us on Twitter. And visit our marketplace at Bernie with is filled with great tools that will help you grow your business.  

To Your Success,


Bernie Kaufman

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