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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beginner's Guide to Network-Internet Marketing

Thinking of joining a Network Marketing company or starting your own?  Many companies have found this to be an extremely profitable marketing method.  Companies such as Shacklee, GNLD and Amway have been operating this way for more than 50 years.

While many network businesses market themselves as “non-selling” groups, you need to know that selling or “sharing” is essential to a successful career in this type of business.  Fortunately, the Internet can help anyone with a willingness to work hard to be a top earner without strong selling skills.

  • The first and most important step for the beginner is to choose a company that provides top notch training.  This is critical!  And don’t be fooled by thinking that you won’t have to put a great deal of effort into the education side.  While it is possible to position yourself to earn large amount of residual income from your efforts and the efforts of others you sponsor, it will a lot of hard work and will take time.  One of the highest rated Internet marketing education group is MLSP or My Lead System Pro.  Regardless of the network company you choose, you can find the best affordable education here.  We have provided a link to free information here.

  • Second and equally as important is having a constant flow of interested prospects…leads…that you can share your business with every day.  This will become the lifeblood of your business regardless of the company or product you choose.  With an abundance of quality leads, you will be assured of prosperity.  My Lead System Pro is also the industry leader in lead generation programs.  You can click here to familiarize yourself with this very important tool.

There are many products and services available to the new Internet Marketer.  Make sure you choose a company whose products or services you already know and respect or that you would buy yourself. 

Be sure that there aren’t territory restrictions.  The Internet has opened up the world’s population to your product or opportunity so you shouldn’t join a company that limit’s your audience. 

Make it a point to work with a company that will provide a mentor or coach to help you with the training and advice you will surely need.  Regular education sessions and webinars will be invaluable as you move forward.  Mastermind groups can also provide brainstorming and encouragement.  Most companies won’t require you to have experience or qualifications for you to join but the community connection is so important.

There are several types of companies in the marketplace but they really break down into 2.  The first is a product based company where something is sold or purchased and often consumed.  Companies in this category are Amway, Shaklee, Zija and others and will require a small to medium size buy in and many require their distributors to ship or deliver the merchandise.  Make sure you understand this element before joining.  The second type of company is a service company where services such as technology, education, training, etc. are offered.  Companies such as MLSP, Talk Fusion, Empower Network and others provide tools and education.  In this category, the initial investment is small with a monthly fee for continuing updates and information.
Network Marketing requires a lot of energy and patience but the success stories are many and the industry is constantly creating tremendous success stories. 

Let’s sum up the positives and negatives.


Great way to meet and help new people

Tremendous learning opportunity

Little to no start up fees

Flexible hours


It takes a lot of time and effort to be successful

Potential rejection

To Your Success:


About the Author:
Bernie Kaufman is a Master Coach and Trainer with over 35 years of experience in consulting and training individuals and companies.  You can connect with him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Millionaire Marketing Machine-Top 5 Training Tips!

Whether you are already a member of the Millionaire Marketing Machine family or you are considering joining, you want to be sure that you can get the job done properly and not only make back the money you’ve invested, but make a great living and help others to become members as well. 

While this is not a process where you have to build a huge down line before you ever make any money, you have to learn the tools early that are necessary to get the job done. 

First, imagine that you were at the hardware and decided to purchase a new barbecue grill and the salesman indicated that there would be a small amount of assembly required.  But when you got home and opened the box, you learned the grill consisted of over 500 parts and you were going to have to be able to follow instructions if you were to grill those burgers for your guests tomorrow.  Sounds all too familiar doesn't it?  That’s why we want you to be properly prepared for the assembly of the amazing Millionaire Marketing Machine.

Here are 5 critical steps that will assure your success and make your Millionaire Marketing Machine business successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Step 1…

Use Rob Abrams, the founder to do the work for you.  That’s right…let him answer your calls and do the selling for you.  I have found that my students who are struggling with the system want to be in charge.  Big mistake!!!  Rob has created over $250 million in revenues with this system over the past 6 years and he knows what he is doing.  USE HIM!   Watch his short video here to learn more about how he does it.

Step 2…

Use post cards.  Everyone thinks that the Internet is the only way to do business these days but this is only partially true.  Most of your potential clients still go to the mailbox every day and are intrigued by a real opportunity.  And many have the funds to utilize this type of system.  The old saying that “the rich get richer” holds true with MMM.  Don’t miss out on this tried and true system.

Step 3…

If you are going to use the internet, you must learn about attraction marketing.  Each and every one of our students learn to attract the right clients using the attraction marketing principles taught by Mike Dillard, the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring.  The principles taught here are the foundation to any successful  business and critical to long term success with Millionaire Marketing Machine.  We don’t require it but it is a must have.  This is a winner even if you don’t want to join MMM.   You can use our link here for easy access! 

Step 4…

Join a Mastermind Group.   MMM is like so many other businesses that are skyrocketing via the Internet.  And as techniques change rapidly, even the best marketers will get left behind.  With a group of like-minded business owners continually sharing information, trends and techniques you will have a fighting chance to stay viable and profitable.  Our group, (No Downline Formula MMM Mastermind Group), is available to anyone who joins MMM through one of our members and the information we share is amazing!

Step 5…

Learn how to continually generate FREE leads.  This will be the lifeblood of your MMM business and the real secret to every single internet and network marketing business today.  While there are a number of quality companies that will help you generate leads, the “Big Kahuna” of the industry in My Lead System Pro, or MLSP.  MLSP is the industry’s leader in training and education with training modules included from over 100 six and seven figure earners.  The training here will save you years of frustration and lead you to serious success quickly.  You can try if for 2 weeks for 10 bucks.  Simply incredible!  Here is a quick link for your convenience.

If you take each of these steps and take them seriously, I promise you that you will make more money and feel better about yourself that you ever felt possible. 


About the author,
Bernie Kaufman is a master coach and trainer and top earner in the Internet Marketing business.  With over 35 years of hands on business experience, Bernie creates leaders and top earners in the internet industry.  
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Is Millionaire Marketing Machine a scam? IT'S TIME TO WISE UP!!!

You are probably wondering what the buzz is all about concerning Millionaire Marketing Machine (MMM). Is is real or a hoax.  And if you are considering joining the organization...what can you expect to earn or lose?  You deserve to know the facts!!!

First, Millionaire Marketing Machine, MMM for short, was formally known as The Automated Money Machine and was founded in 2008 by Rob Abrams who claims to have generated over $253 million in revenues since it's inception.  $253 million...come on!  Really?'re in the internet business and know that to be successful you must create multiple streams of income...but seriously!  Can you really make six figures with this?'s real and I can prove it to you.  I have attached a link here for a free information webinar where you will learn the EXACT Formula and Steps that I use each week along with my students to make $500 to $6,500 A DAY working from home.

What you will learn is that this does not involve building a down line or selling.  Rob set this up to be "automatic" as the name suggests.  You can see how top earners who know nothing about internet marketing are earning more money than they every thought possible.
Regardless if you go ahead with the ‘Millionaire Marketing Machine System or not, the information provided in this FREE Webinar will provide you with tons of strategies and techniques that will support your success no matter what  product or opportunity you decide to market.  Click here for the free information webinar.

THE ‘Millionaire Marketing Machine  SPECIAL BONUS:

 For the serious network marketer, I will connect you to the #1 Internet education site where you can sign up and take a test drive for the next 2 weeks for 10 bucks! Every one of the Internet's top earners are part of this group.  And for a limited time...until the spaces are full...I will add you to our own exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group where you will be able to get FREE advice and FREE training from 6 and 7 figure earners.  Every day!  Click here for access today!
Your Coach,
Bernie Kaufman

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What YOU need to know about Facebook!

What you need to know about Facebook.

As a network marketer, you have to use Facebook…period! 

Almost everyone knows this.  But how do you get GOOD at it?  How do you get to “socialize” with the big hitters?  Heck!   How do you get anyone to know you and, more importantly, how do you get folks on Facebook to opt in to your offer?  

Is it easy?  That depends on what you know and how well you understand the system.

When I got into the internet arena, I wasn’t a regular Facebook’er and really didn’t even know why people were so taken with this thing called “Social Networking”.  Sound familiar?  And after failing for months, I thought I was on my way out.  Enter Michelle Pescosolido, the Facebook Queen!  I watched every video and attended every webinar she had available and I copied the tricks that she learned and used to create multiple six figure income streams and retired her husband, Bill, from his corporate world.  Amazing lady!!!

I want to share Michelle’s story and tricks with you for FREE!  Today’s Golden Nugget is Michelle’s Facebook secrets that you can access for free.  Learn her secrets.  Copy her tools.  Click here for access!  You can’t afford not to.

Tomorrow I will be giving you a way to gain the secrets that the big guns are using Twitter to create thousands of leads every month.  


Click here for more training tools.

LEAD GENERATION. The Key to every successful Network Marketing Business.

LEAD GENERATION.  The Key to every successful Network Marketing Business.

How much money did you make today?  This question is usually followed by several questions.  How many people did you talk with.  How many leads did you have?  What did you do to get these leads?  

Most of the old timers in the business of network marketing have been around long enough to have equipped themselves with a database of people that they can reach out to regularly to keep their business rolling.  But what can someone new to the industry do?  Answering that question correctly could mean the difference in making money quickly in network marketing or struggling for a long time.  It could be the difference in staying in the network marketing business or simply giving up.

When I first got into the network business I struggled.  I couldn't understand why a guy like me could care so much about others out there and still not "crack the code" to getting people to be interested in me and what I had to offer.  I really wasn't very well trained and I knew it but every time I tried to get the education I needed, I found myself frustrated that I would spend $ and time on programs and training that looked good only to find that I didn't have the "elite" version which would give me the info I needed.  YIKES!  

Friends, I have been there!  I feel your pain.  That's why I am spending time every day to help you find the tools that I have found helpful so you don't have to go through all of the struggles I have had to.  Today's Golden Nugget is a company called My Lead System Pro or MLSP for short.  This is a training organization that has created millionaires in the network marketing industry by simply giving them training that is practically free.  Inside the company are Mastermind groups that help all of the member who want help to get the help they need.  It is literally the most amazing and essential piece of the internet marketing puzzle and a must have for any serious Internet marketer.  For 10 bucks, you can get access to this powerful and amazing tool.  Click here for a brief tutorial from one of the founders.  You won't be sorry!  

Tomorrow we will be learning about Facebook and Facebook PPC.

See you then.  


Monday, October 1, 2012

TICKED OFF at sites promising network marketing help!

Ticked Off at sites promising Network Marketing Help!!! I was hoping to get information that I could use that was going to save me some work.  I admit it.  But for the ump-teenth time, I spent 2 hours today watching a video on SEO only to find out that the author wasn't going to give me any information without me signing up for a $300 program where all of the answers would be revealed.  THAT TICKS ME OFF!!!

Does that sound familiar?  If you are in network marketing or affiliate marketing of any type, you know what I'm talking about, don't you?  You aren't afraid of putting in the work but you just want the facts.  "Just the facts, ma'am"!

SOOOO...what am I going to do about it?  We'll this is my first blog of a daily service to all of my internet marketing friends where I am going to give you something that you can use without going through hours of worthless webinars only to find out that you are really not going to learn anything without a large expenditure of time and a lot of money and then not really knowing whether you are going to get any information that you can use.

This blog will provide daily USEFUL information about all of the tools needed to make your business successful.  We'll discuss Facebook, Google, SEO, Attraction Marketing, Backlinking and a whole host of worthwhile nuggets that will leave you energized rather than frustrated.  I will provide you with links to stuff that is free or darn cheap that will make you money.

Are you with me?  Tomorrow we'll discuss Lead Generation.  How it really works and some tools you can use.