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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What YOU need to know about Facebook!

What you need to know about Facebook.

As a network marketer, you have to use Facebook…period! 

Almost everyone knows this.  But how do you get GOOD at it?  How do you get to “socialize” with the big hitters?  Heck!   How do you get anyone to know you and, more importantly, how do you get folks on Facebook to opt in to your offer?  

Is it easy?  That depends on what you know and how well you understand the system.

When I got into the internet arena, I wasn’t a regular Facebook’er and really didn’t even know why people were so taken with this thing called “Social Networking”.  Sound familiar?  And after failing for months, I thought I was on my way out.  Enter Michelle Pescosolido, the Facebook Queen!  I watched every video and attended every webinar she had available and I copied the tricks that she learned and used to create multiple six figure income streams and retired her husband, Bill, from his corporate world.  Amazing lady!!!

I want to share Michelle’s story and tricks with you for FREE!  Today’s Golden Nugget is Michelle’s Facebook secrets that you can access for free.  Learn her secrets.  Copy her tools.  Click here for access!  You can’t afford not to.

Tomorrow I will be giving you a way to gain the secrets that the big guns are using Twitter to create thousands of leads every month.  


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