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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Millionaire Marketing Machine-Top 5 Training Tips!

Whether you are already a member of the Millionaire Marketing Machine family or you are considering joining, you want to be sure that you can get the job done properly and not only make back the money you’ve invested, but make a great living and help others to become members as well. 

While this is not a process where you have to build a huge down line before you ever make any money, you have to learn the tools early that are necessary to get the job done. 

First, imagine that you were at the hardware and decided to purchase a new barbecue grill and the salesman indicated that there would be a small amount of assembly required.  But when you got home and opened the box, you learned the grill consisted of over 500 parts and you were going to have to be able to follow instructions if you were to grill those burgers for your guests tomorrow.  Sounds all too familiar doesn't it?  That’s why we want you to be properly prepared for the assembly of the amazing Millionaire Marketing Machine.

Here are 5 critical steps that will assure your success and make your Millionaire Marketing Machine business successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Step 1…

Use Rob Abrams, the founder to do the work for you.  That’s right…let him answer your calls and do the selling for you.  I have found that my students who are struggling with the system want to be in charge.  Big mistake!!!  Rob has created over $250 million in revenues with this system over the past 6 years and he knows what he is doing.  USE HIM!   Watch his short video here to learn more about how he does it.

Step 2…

Use post cards.  Everyone thinks that the Internet is the only way to do business these days but this is only partially true.  Most of your potential clients still go to the mailbox every day and are intrigued by a real opportunity.  And many have the funds to utilize this type of system.  The old saying that “the rich get richer” holds true with MMM.  Don’t miss out on this tried and true system.

Step 3…

If you are going to use the internet, you must learn about attraction marketing.  Each and every one of our students learn to attract the right clients using the attraction marketing principles taught by Mike Dillard, the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring.  The principles taught here are the foundation to any successful  business and critical to long term success with Millionaire Marketing Machine.  We don’t require it but it is a must have.  This is a winner even if you don’t want to join MMM.   You can use our link here for easy access! 

Step 4…

Join a Mastermind Group.   MMM is like so many other businesses that are skyrocketing via the Internet.  And as techniques change rapidly, even the best marketers will get left behind.  With a group of like-minded business owners continually sharing information, trends and techniques you will have a fighting chance to stay viable and profitable.  Our group, (No Downline Formula MMM Mastermind Group), is available to anyone who joins MMM through one of our members and the information we share is amazing!

Step 5…

Learn how to continually generate FREE leads.  This will be the lifeblood of your MMM business and the real secret to every single internet and network marketing business today.  While there are a number of quality companies that will help you generate leads, the “Big Kahuna” of the industry in My Lead System Pro, or MLSP.  MLSP is the industry’s leader in training and education with training modules included from over 100 six and seven figure earners.  The training here will save you years of frustration and lead you to serious success quickly.  You can try if for 2 weeks for 10 bucks.  Simply incredible!  Here is a quick link for your convenience.

If you take each of these steps and take them seriously, I promise you that you will make more money and feel better about yourself that you ever felt possible. 


About the author,
Bernie Kaufman is a master coach and trainer and top earner in the Internet Marketing business.  With over 35 years of hands on business experience, Bernie creates leaders and top earners in the internet industry.  
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