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Saturday, December 11, 2010

What's next?

This is the toughest question that an entrepreneur ever asks. Having been business owners for over 30 years, we have never had to look for work. Working a normal schedule? Getting paid by the hour? Having to answer to someone else? And on, and on, and on!

How does a business owner go about looking for a job?

Not easy. I wish someone could take this process away from me. I feel ashamed to call the people that I know who have businesses to ask them to consider hiring me. While I have a lot of years of knowledge being in business, I don't know much about working for someone else. What will they expect? Will they fee that they have to treat me differently since I am a friend first? Because I don't feel comfortable with this arrangement, I havn't made the effort I should. I have used the on line products such as and but the resume that I have done is quite plain. I get emails for commission sales jobs from insurance companies and work at home pyramid jobs but not much else. Don't companies understand that I have fought the battles of small business development and ownership for 30+ years and that I am easily more qualified to make difficult business decisions than 90% of the applicants they will receive? Maybe there is fear from the busniess owners that I won't conform to their ways of won't stay long term. I guess I really don't know the real answer to that question either.
So what happens next...
I have tried to figure this out. I really want to use my years of experience to help other people and other businesses. If I could make a living and give all of the info and advice away for free, I would! After all of these years, I finally realize that it's not about me anymore, it's about others. But I need to make a living! I learned quite a bit about merchant services when we were trying to reduce costs in our business and felt I could help other businesses with this info and make a living at the same time. Actually, there are very few situations where my services in this area won't make a positive difference. I can probably make a living doing this if I could find a way to get business owners to inquire. What I would like to do is trade my knowledge of any or all of the info that I have learned...for the priviledge and opportunity of taking over the merchant account/s of a business. I know that this could be a great fix for my needs and could make a positive difference in most businesses. I have created a company called AG Peoples Inc. (All God's People) that will hopefully make this bartering option a reality. You can see me at


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