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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Joy in the midst of challenges!

It's Sunday. Like most Sundays, we started the day with church. We believe that no matter how our financial world flip-flops, God is always consistent! Our small church has continued to be blessed even with 15% unemployment in our county. And God has taught us how to take care of others who are experiencing much greater challenges that we have. We have helped families to keep their heat on and are working to help a single mother of 3 to either get her broken car fixed or get her one that runs. And we have given food to many in need, gifts and clothing to families and on and on and on. And while we don't seem to have enough for our own families, God somehow makes it possible for us to help others!

I pretty sure that is what we are supposd to do with our work efforts in the future. Help others! can an ex business owner help others and survive? Not really sure! I can help with information that I have learned over the years. I know how to make furniture, how to finish it, how to ship it and how to use it in displays. I know how to design product and have it manufactured overseas. I know the import system and have contacts in both China and India and am happy to share this information with anyone who can use it. I know the gift industry, understand how a wholesaler needs to operate and understand the in's and out's of trade shows. But I need to get something in exchange. I started AG Peoples to get some tools that I could offer to any business with a merchant account or accounts a better product than they have. I'll get a small commission which will help me survive and then I can share what I know.

I am hoping someone will want my service.


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